Chris Michael

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In Your Room (2019)
HD digital video, sound, 6 mins [View excerpt]

A journey from the fringes of the New Town, to the kinetic glow of The City. Working class aspirations & unfulfilled desires, a predatory welfare system & a longing for lost futures — all via the M25. Obsession, transformation, enchantment & desire.

In Your Room [install] (2019)
Part of Show 2019 @RCA.
Pre-amp, vinyl money bank, HD monitor, custom wire sleeving.

Universal Credit Otaku (2019)
Published by Metafauna.
132 page paperback (120 x 165mm) with 16 b/w illustrations. ISBN: 978-1-9160856-9-5

Written by Chris Michael & illustrated throughout by Jo Baaklini.

Dave Day (2019)
@A.M. London / All Hallows Church (formerly Blackwing Studios)

Universal Credit Otaku book launch hosted on Dave Gahan's birthday [aka Dave Day] in the former studios where DMs debut album was recorded.

Signing On, Signing Off (2019)
HD digital video, sound, 19 mins [View excerpt]

Signing On, Signing Off [install] (2019)
Part of WIP Show @RCA
Vinyl money bank, HD monitor, custom rubber door stop.

Legalize It (2015)
@Essex House, London

Hard Drives in Essex, Karagarga, T2 Keyring & Crysis Barrel (2012)
Various mixed media.

Roving Image Dump (2011)
Part of Movies [co-curated with Ben Clarke] @New Gallery, London.
Chroma key flag, camera, tripod, HD monitor, software, image dump.

Everything Everything Will Be Alright Alright (2012)
Monitor on wheels, external HDD, custom wire sleeving, SD video, sound, 6mins [View excerpt]

Crysis Mass Physics Ultimate (2011)
Plaster, acrylic, chroma key screen.