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Eleven Yearz (2020-ongoing)
YouTube channel [View]

Video series exploring commonly overlooked elements of popular culture that straddles the lines between writing, video art, analysis, regular YouTube content and video game walkthrough. Initiated during the Covid-19 lockdown as an outlet for ongoing research output.

Blending Channels (2021)
This Isn't A Movie, It's Just California (2020)

#pop-culture #reverie #breadtube #locationscouting #hauntology #hollywood #rhizome

Universal Credit Otaku (2018-19)
Research project [undertaken at Royal College of Art] with published outcome.

Can someone become a fan of welfare state initiatives the same way others fanaticise about pop-culture entities like bands, comic books and movie stars? A journey through the urban landscapes of Basildon New Town and Japanese otaku hangouts. From Eastern European Depeche Mode devotees to Judge Dredd’s Mega-City One. From mundanity to aspiration. From love to loss.

Accompanied by a launch event on May 9th [Dave Day] at A.M. London [formerly Blackwing Studios], the site where DM recorded their debut album.

Universal Credit Otaku physical edition is available from Metafuana and to download from

#welfare #visualcommunication #newtowns #depechemode #class #fandom #otaku