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Moving image pieces rental & streaming available upon request.

Blending Channels (2021)
HD research video, sound, 32 mins [View full]

An exploration of how 1991's Point Break and Terminator 2 are linked not only by their respective filmmakers, but also seemingly by the canals, creeks & channels of the connecting LA River.

This Isn't A Movie, It's Just California (2020)
HD research video, sound, 38 mins [View full]

An analysis of the 1993 film Last Action Hero and the deeper ramifications one brilliantly crafted scene has on the rest of the movie and the wider postmodern Hollywood sphere.

Signing On, Signing Off (2019)
HD digital video, sound, 19 mins [View excerpt]

Fanaticism, transformation & desire.

Image Dump (2017-ongoing)
HD looped portrait digital slideshow, ~7 mins [View excerpt]

Waves (2016)
Looped HD digital video, 10 mins [View full]

Background for a performance.

Three Miles Up (2017)
Video, sound, 1 min [View full]

A lone walker in the English countryside has an eerie encounter across a body of water.

⌁ Footage from the 1995 ITV anthology series Ghosts.

Job Centre Plus (2014)
HD digital video, sound, 4 mins [View excerpt]

Shot on location at the former Basildon Job Centre, now private residential appartments.

M25 (2013)
Hi-8 video transferred to digital, sound, 3 mins [View excerpt]

An underpass along the eastern-section of the M25, the concrete circle marks the end of London. The edge of the city, the beginning of everything else.

Screened as part of The Box Season 21 @Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Penglais, Wales (2014)

Strat (2014)
HD digital video, 14 mins [View excerpt]

Shot on location at the Stratford Centre, London.

Screened as part of Legalize It @Essex House, London (2014)

Hold Me In Your Arms Again (2013)
HD digital video, sound, 8 mins.

Hold me in your arms again
Strangers down a lonely lane
No more lonely nights on the way of no return
Play me the bolero

Boarding Action (2013)
HD digital video, sound, 6 mins [View full]

An Arts Council England proposal for a Local Area Network (LAN) party.

Screened as part of Film Screening @Whitechapel Gallery (2013)

Everything Everything Will Be Alright Alright (2012)
VHS video transferred to digital, sound, 6 mins [View excerpt]

A party on the fringes of the city, deep in suburbia.

Screened as part of Home Movies, Online (2020), Open Film 2016 @Outpost, Norwich (2016) & 21st Century @Chisenhale Gallery, London (2012)

Behind The Scenes (2012)
Video, 1 min [View full]

Screened as part of Amalgamation @Multiplex, Portland, OR. (2013)

Special Features (2012)
HD digital video, sound, 40 mins.

Exchange Values (2011)
Looped HD digital video, 5 mins.

Background for a performance.

Crysis Mass Physics Ultimate (2011)
VHS video transferred to digital, sound, 2 mins [View full]

A trailer.

NYC (2010)
Digital video, sound, 2 mins.

The Event Horizon (2009)
DVD video transferred to digital file, 5 mins [View full]

Screened as part of Movies @NewGallery, London (2011)

Courage (2009)
Digital video, sound, 1 min.

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